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Possum Magic Turns 33

Okay, people, it’s Possum Magic‘s 33rd birthday today (31st March 2016) so let’s kick-start some life into this website! This is the latest edition, with me reading the story on a CD inside.
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First, Sit Down

This blog and I are about to burst, at last, into the Twittersphere. I know! After everything I’ve ranted about in the past! Why the change of heart?

A few unreal Mem Fox Twitter accounts had emerged, some hideous, (what is it that causes people to be so mean?) and some kind, but none of them was me, or mine. So... @therealmemfox has, perforce, had to creep out of its foxhole into the sunlight of social media. Good grief, it’s so bright out here!
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Winter Flight

Nothing has happened. There is no reason for an update. But I’m flying to LA this week to speak at the annual convention of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and I thought it would look bad if I hadn’t contributed something to the website to indicate I’m still living... Read More

Autumn Rain

Hooray, it’s raining!

Things have come to a pretty pass when the only news an author has is that it’s finally raining on her parched garden after four months of no rain at all. Is it any wonder I don’t update this website more often? I’d hate to bore you more than I have to. Read on for a crazy mix of totally unrelated items on this long rant, from sandy soil, to recipes, to financial gossip, to philosophy, to good novels…... Read More

Summer Break

Summer is over. Sob. It’s my favourite season, even when, as has just happened, the temperature gets to 40ºC (104ºF) for a few days... Read More

Wheezing through!

If anyone reading this has met me this year, at any time, at any function, and if you can recall that I was in perfect health at the time, please let me know. I feel as if I’ve had viruses and chest infections and severe asthma without ceasing since about March. It’s dismaying, needless to say. I work anyway, no matter what, which is probably not sensible. Moan, moan, moan! And that’s enough of the whining and the complaints. I’m so fortunate in other areas of my life that I probably need illness to balance things out... Read More

Illness, wellness, and travel in between

A big hello to Joyce McCauley in Dallas, Texas, the one person in the world who reads my blog!  Just teasing.

And anyone who reads Who Weekly will have noticed the exciting fact that Possum Magic hit the front cover on Oct 6th... Read More

Books, Sheep and Mended Hearts.

Every time I come to this blog I think I’ll have nothing to say, as my next book isn’t due out until the end of 2015. But wait! There is!

Yesterday my darling husband had his second open-heart operation. It was a valve replacement this time. He had already had a quadruple bypass 14 years ago. Earlier this year I had booked an appearance, on the same day, at Campbelltown Public Library for Book Week so I had to honour the commitment. It’s about an hour’s drive from my house and all the way there and all the way back I kept thinking of the implications of the operation: the ‘open’ heart part of it, and the ‘what if?’ part of it, and I felt pretty sick... Read More

From the sublime to ridiculous in a couple of weeks

June disappeared, just like that! Sorry! It was similar to crossing the international date line to and from Australia: on the way over to the US I arrive in Los Angeles on the same day, a few hours before I leave, thereby having to live the same day twice; on the way back, which is even more confusing, I leave at night on a Friday, for example, and arrive in Australia on Sunday morning even though the flight is only overnight. The intervening Saturday whooshes out of my life without a trace, never to be lived in by me. Which is how June feels: gone—but not without a trace. The traces were many. It was a fabulous month, an incredible trip to America, and one I’ll remember forever, even though it was visit-to-America No.113... Read More

Lovely surprises

I like a surprise or two. They keep life spicy.

An early and exciting surprise this last month (April) was having my latest book, Baby Bedtime, shortlisted for the Children’s Book Council’s Book of the Year awards. Like the Caldecott award in America, this will be an award for illustration, which cuts me out well and truly, as I can’t even draw a stick man! However, I’m thrilled for the gorgeous Emma Quay, whose divine artwork graces the pages of Baby Bedtime. (Oh, those tender, lovable elephants!) Emma has won this award before, clever clogs that she is. She was the first person to text me the shortlist information and we were both dizzy and dancing at the news. I was in Sydney airport at the time and found myself skipping to the plane. Who says aging authors can’t skip? The awards are announced in August. Where is the Green Sheep? won this award nine years ago. Judy Horacek was/is the illustrator. My books don’t win book awards, on the whole. Perhaps judges assume I don’t need them, but I do! I do... Read More

Ups and Downs

A few days ago, on March 31st, POSSUM MAGIC turned 31. The older I become the weirder it feels to be the author of this iconic book. It’s such a phenomenon that it seems to have a life of its own, outside my own life, as if it’s a vague acquaintance who I might not recognise, should we pass each other in the street. Julie Vivas, the illustrator, feels the same. Every time we think that everyone in Australia must surely have a copy by now, something happens, such as the 30th anniversary boxed edition last year, and the sales go through the roof yet again. Obviously it’s pleasing and even thrilling, but it’s unreal at the same time... Read More

Festivals, elections, birthdays, and life in general

Hello again!


But don’t forget that if you want to hear other stories at any time I do have two new CDs available. On Baby Magic I read my best- loved stories for very young children, and Classic Magic has my most familiar stories for slightly older children. They are available from... and... Read More

And so the year begins…

I’ve just looked at the title of this blog (I edit as I go along) and I know that people who know nothing about writing will tell you that you can’t start a sentence with and, but or so, but as you see, I have both in my title. It’s fine. In Possum Magic I wrote different sentences starting with all three of those forbidden words: one each time, not all three at once. Those same ignoramuses will tell you that adjectives are good. They’re not. They’re a lazy way of writing. Of course they exist, so they have their uses, but less often than you’d think. Where was I…?  And how did I get on to that?... Read More

Eating Spiders in New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I hope I live to see the next one. I have eaten a couple of spiders, perhaps even more, in the last few days. Here’s how…... Read More

Baby Bedtime sends me to sleep

This month’s audio stories are Baby Bedtime (I know it’s its second month on the playlist but it’s so new it’s as demanding as a baby); Koala Lou; and especially for the Christmas season: Wombat Divine.

I can do anything a thirty-five year old can do, except... Read More

On the road again…

I said in my first What’s Up? that at the moment nothing much occurs in my life apart from being a grandmother.  That’s not quite true.

I have a new book out! Always a HUGE event! It’s a book I’m wild about: BABY BEDTIME, illustrated by the sublime Emma Quay, for whom and to whom a thousand thanks. All the information about BABY BEDTIME can found in... Read More

Welcome to the new website!

Picture me flat on the floor in a star shape: that’s where I am. I’ve been working for many months with my website designers (massive applause for Enee Solutions) to update the site and make it as friendly and fascinating as possible. I hope you’ll love it. It will be updated every four weeks.

I hope you’re having hide-and-seek fun with my latest book: YOO HOO, LADYBIRD! It’s one of the books you can listen to this month. The other two are POSSUM MAGIC and HUNWICK’S EGG. The books you can listen to will change from month to month so you don’t get bored... Read More