The Story Behind the Story of Early One Morning

Illustrated by Christine Davenier

My grandson is eleven years old as I type this in March 2021, the month in which EARLY ONE MORNING has hit the shelves in Australia. It came out in the USA in February, ie. last month.

I only mention my grandson’s age to remind myself that the first draft of this book was written many years ago, in 2012, when he was two. I set out to write a very simple book in rhythmic, repetitive verses that would introduce him to all the main animals of the world, in particular the animals on a farm. Draft upon draft followed. And nine years later (nine!) the book is simpler than I could have believed possible: 91 words. Hurrah! People may look at this book and think: ‘I could do that.’ Hmmm. Would they have nine years to spare?

EARLY ONE MORNING intended for very young children aged 8 months to about 3 years. The illustrator, Catherine Davenier, has created an old-fashioned, classic 1950s look, which lends immense charm and a lot of humour to the spareness of my words.

EARLY ONE MORNING will take a moment to find itself in the market as adults will think, I’m sure, when they see the brief text: ‘What???’ When children find it however, it should walk all the way home, just like the little boy who looked for a couple of eggs for his breakfast, early one morning.