December 1, 2013

Baby Bedtime sends me to sleep

This month’s audio stories are Baby Bedtime (I know it’s its second month on the playlist but it’s so new it’s as demanding as a baby); Koala Lou; and especially for the Christmas season: Wombat Divine.

I can do anything a thirty-five year old can do, except that it now takes me about thirty-five years to recover from it. On the seven-city book tour for Baby Bedtime, around Australia, I had what appeared to be boundless energy. Have a look at this Channel Seven interview. I almost bounced off the screen but the panel, half of them in tears over the book, held me back and kept me on track.

I smiled for days on end. I threw myself into radio and tv interviews. I talked more than the interviewers did in phone interviews. I signed books for more than two hours on several evenings, chatting to everyone, ignoring any twinges in wrist, arm or shoulder, just as any thirty-five year old would. And even though my heart quailed and I thought to myself, ‘I can NOT do this, I’m far too old,’ I entertained hundreds of children at various events, indoors and outdoors. I was so happy about how the tour had gone that I literally skipped, like a five year old, out of the studios of 6PR in Perth, on November 21st when the whole thing was over.

And then I came home and came to my senses. I’m sixty-seven. I’m a grandmother. It’s crazy to pretend otherwise. It just doesn’t work. I’ve slept like a child at every opportunity since, and I’m not talking inconsequential nana-naps here, I talking the deep, endless sleep of teenagers. I’ve had to snap my eyes open this evening to wake up the fact that it’s December already. I promised to tell you what’s up, at least once a month and I’d be sorry if I let you down.

In brief then, Baby Bedtime is doing wonderfully! Thank you to everyone I met on the tour, for loving it and buying more than copy!

And on another matter, if you live in Adelaide and would like a Possum Magic birthday cake for a child you adore, the very clever Kerryn Caracovitch will make you one. She sent me this photo of the cake she made for her daughter’s seventh birthday in November and I drooled over it! She can be found at [email protected]


I hope Christmas is magical for you. We have an almost-four-year old in our family so it will be hysterical for us this year. He’s hyper-aware of the existence of Father Christmas but slightly bemused by the fact that the said Santa Claus isn’t part of the nativity scene. I mean, isn’t he one of the three kings?

All I want for Christmas is sleep, please. And then a little more.

All the best!  Mem xxx

In case you want to know what I really look like, here are some excellent portraits drawn by children in Perth during my book tour…

School Mem portraits