Books for babies under one year old

I had a query from a new mother in Australia in 2010 about books for small babies. I thought it might be sensible to show the world my reply, and a list of books for under-one-year olds. See below…

Dear Lucy

I have just come from caring for our grandson, which I do every morning, and of course I read to him endlessly, for 45 minutes at a time on occasions, although he is only nine months old developmentally. He was born two months premature.

SO! Lovely to hear from you and in brief, my grandson is CRAZY about the following books:

The Foot Book by Dr Seuss

Noni the Pony by Alison Lester (his current favourite)

That’s Not My Dinosaur (not of the highest literary merit, but who cares?)

Baby Gets Dressed by Katrina Germain (very simple and rhythmic)

My First ABC (brilliant!) by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art (so look online for that one)

Hand Hand Fingers Thumb (looks like a Dr Seuss book but it’s actually by Al Perkins)

Yellow is my Favourite Colour by Judy Horacek (heaven!)

Hop on Pop by Dr Seuss (quite long but I had to read it five times in a row yesterday)

Marvin K Mooney by Dr Seuss

The Little Moomin Book of Numbers; and the Little Moomin Book of Words (perhaps only available online)

Pete The Cat by James Dean

Toot Toot, Beep Beep by Emma Garcia

Many, but not all of these books are in board book editions, so if—as you’re reading—you separate the next/following page with your fingers and get it ready, your child will quickly learn how to turn the pages. My grandson learnt to turn the pages when he was five months old. He LOVES doing it.


Oh, and he likes these books of mine which I almost forgot to mention:

Whoever You Are (the board book edition is only available from the USA on line: it calms him down completely)

Time for Bed (also calms him down completely)

Hello Baby (he absolutely adores this one)

Where is the Green Sheep? (is very loved)

I might post this entire email on my website later, without your identifying address, if you give me permission. What do you say?
 Mem xxx

[And obviously Lucy did give me permission.]