600 Writers for the Voice

September 21st 2023

Hello, everyone, particularly my fellow citizens,

Every so often I get a feeling in my head that I’m going to have a stroke. I’m sure it’s not true. I’m a fit and healthy person. I think it’s mega-anxiety and tension about the imminent referendum on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament. The idea of waking up on October 15th to find that the No vote has succeeded—and that the hearts of Aboriginal people have been broken doesn’t bear thinking about. It makes feel faint.

So I’m doing what I can to advocate for a Yes vote. I even gave a local butcher my impassioned piece on the subject! It was received with humour and grace, for which I was extremely thankful.

I belong to a huge group of activist writers in this country, 600 of us and counting, called Writers for the Voice. The piece below explains my views.

Fingers crossed for October 14th!

Lots of love and high hopes,

Mem xxx