I put these two recipes on my website a million years ago. I have always been fanatical about eating sensibly and healthily, so I’m shocked to see TWO recipes only, and both to do with chocolate. Please clean your teeth afterwards and only make each recipe once every three months!

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Chocolate Mousse

[ I’ve used soup spoons as a measure for years and years in this recipe. Don’t ask me why!]



Beat egg whites until they are very stiff. Beat yolks, sugar and vanilla till white and creamy. Add boiling water to gelatine and dissolve completely. Add cocoa to the boiling water and gelatine mixture and stir vigorously until very smooth, then pour it into the beaten egg yolk and sugar mixture and beat thoroughly. Fold in the egg whites. Pour into individual bowls and refrigerate for about half an hour.

This recipe serves six. To serve eight, use four eggs and eight spoons of sugar.

Chocolate Fudge



Dissolve milk and sugar in saucepan over low heat. When sugar is dissolved, add butter and cocoa, and cook for twenty minutes or until half a teaspoon of the mixture forms into a soft ball in cold water. Remove pan from heat and stir in vanilla. Beat until thick, then quickly transfer to a greased scone tray. When cool and almost set, cut into squares.